How To Ask Your Man Crush To Make Love To You (Tips That Will Get You What You Want)

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There’s no shame in admitting that you’ve got a crush on someone. You can be dreaming of your man crush every day and yearning to spend some time with him after you have gotten close to him and you have both become friends. Now, you are feeling like your crush is too cute and you would love him to make love to you. But the problem is you don’t know how to ask him for sex. You are like what are the words to use? How do you say it without sounding too forward or cheap? What if he turns you down? The key to making it work is to be clear and confident. It’s not about being demanding or aggressive, it’s about asking for what you want in the nicest possible way. Waiving any trace of apprehension will make it easier for him to say yes; after all, this is something he might want too. So, here are some tips that will help you confidentially and romantically ask your man crush to make love to you. 

how to ask crush for sex

Check whether he is single or not

When you want to ask your crush for sex, do not forget he is not your boyfriend or man but your crush. So, you have to be sure if he has a girlfriend or not. In this situation,  the intentions and relationship status of your crush matter. If he is single, you should be okay and free with asking him out for sex. However, if he is already in a relationship, he might not be open to making love to you, so you should consider that when trying. Some men would not like to cheat on their girlfriend and this might affect his decision upon your desire. In some cases, you might be lucky as he gives in to you.

Stay close around him and let him see you often

There is no way your crush would think of making love to you if you do not stay close to him and let him feel your presence. Try to hang out with him more often. Greet him every time you meet him and flirt with him like a cute schoolgirl. It would make him more aware of you and his liking for you. It would make him more receptive to your request. So, keep at it and let him see you there all the time in a way he is aware of your feelings. Who knows, this step might lead to what you desire from him.

Wait for him to initiate

If he still isn’t making an appearance and you want him to, don’t forget to wait. You shouldn’t have to make the first move, it should come from him. He’s a man, he can’t always feel confident about talking to the opposite sex and getting them aroused. You are a woman and you can also work your magic, but he needs to make the first move. It takes time and also patience, so don’t rush to a conclusion, wait for him to come around, slowly.

Try some dirty talk with him

Talking dirty to your man crush can be a great way to get him to make love to you. Try telling him all the stuff you’ve fantasized about and be sure not to underestimate your man crush. Once you have set the mood, he will get easily aroused and ready for sex. A little bit of flirting and dirty talk or stories can make him ready for sex. Here are some best seduction stories you can try out.

Create a sensual moment

Talking sensual and dirty is a great way to get him to make love to you. Be sure that your words will turn your man crush on, give him a sense of excitement and make him feel good and comfortable. Let him know that you are ready for anything and he would be. So, when you talk to him, be sure to focus on how you are feeling at the moment and how aroused you are, he will know how much you like him and this is when he will make the first move.

Give him the space to say no

There’s no way to know if he would say yes or no without giving him the chance to do so. If he says no, you should respect it, but don’t let it bother you, you should feel confident about your charms and attractiveness. Don’t give up on him and let him go, even if he says no. Your crush will always be there if you believe in it.

Ask him directly, in a playful way

It is okay to be direct, ask him if he would be willing to have sex with you. Don’t forget, you are both adults, so don’t be afraid to let your man crush know exactly what you want. But, don’t let it be a ‘kick’ to him, you should keep it subtle. Just tell him that you are a very sexy and attractive lady and that you want to make love to him. Be playful about it and show it to him, in a playful and flirty way.

Make sure you get off

Once you have asked him to have sex with you, make sure you enjoy yourself in the process. Take note that your man crush will not just do what you want just because you asked him. He will want to enjoy it as well, so, make sure to take a break once your man crush becomes too close and you are not enjoying the experience.

Enjoy your man crush!

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