successful long-distance relationship

7 Best Tips To Have A Successful Long-Distance Relationship

Getting the undivided cut apart

Let’s face it, long-distance relationships are tough and full of challenges. They can cause strain, confusion, and frustration. There is something so interesting about having your partner physically by your side, to be able to talk to, share ideas with and be a shoulder to cry on. On the other hand, when your partner is far away, and not as close as you would like, then, the thrill is gone. There are so many skirmishes around struggling with being away from your partner for a longer time. At the same time, it can be a great thing for your relationship. So how do you help your relationship go the distance? In this article, we provided 7 tips for a successful long-distance relationship that will help you in the long run.


successful long-distance relationship

Share photos or videos

In a long-distance relationship, you have to let your partner know how you are doing and what you are up to. You should encourage your partner to share his perspective as well. Depending on your personality, a long-distance relationship may require you to engage in activities you are far from. A great example is making a video or posing for photos. It is a great thing when you share photos of what you wear for the day or throughout the week, how you went out looking dazzled with your friends to your long-distance partner. However, you should not be the only one doing this, you should encourage him to do the same. The more the better!

Accept your differences with your friends

There are things you should not do if you want to have a successful long-distance relationship. one of them is comparing your relationship with others. You have to be ok with the fact that you are not going to get everything done together with the way your friends do with their partner. The fact is, there are times when you won’t be able to speak to your partner at a particular time you want and you might feel so lonely. This is why you need a call and video schedule. However, the only way to deal with these is to accept that you and your relationship lifestyle are different from others. This means it is up to you to decide what is important to you and when it is important.

Make sure you have patience

Taking the time to connect is an important tip for a successful long-distance relationship. You and your partner have to keep the conversation going, as much as possible. Think about the future always and that your long-distance relationship is different from the one you had when you were together. You need to be patient with each other and be understanding. This will help the relationship not only work in the long run but also in the short term. Also, it will give the relationship a long-term communicative space to cultivate.

Meet face to face every 6 months

For a successful long-distance relationship, every 6 months, you will both need to meet in person and find out how you are both doing. You can meet up at a restaurant, or whichever way you want it, it is better to just meet up in person. A long-distance relationship does not mean that you and your partner should never see each other. It only means you are not together all the time. So, if he is truly in love with you, and he misses you, then he will find it important to find this time out. However, doing this every 6 months will give you a chance to have quality time together. Also, most importantly, put the relationship in a safe space.

Use Skype, VOIP, or Whatsapp regularly

You might not believe it, but personally, it’s like some devices like Skype or WhatsApp are naturally created for long-distance relationships. It does not mean if you don’t believe (wink) because I feel even the creators do not know about this powerful advantage of their initiatives. A Skype or VoIP is just like phone calls, but it makes it easier and faster to communicate. Not all phones can send text, and we don’t get a lot of reception in some parts of the world, so Skype is a great option. You can make a voice call and video call with it as well. Similarly, WhatsApp is also perfect and useful for long-distance relationships. The reason is that it makes it easy for people to communicate and keep in contact with each other.

Keep his emotional needs in mind

If you are in a long-distance relationship, one of the things you should learn to do is keep track of your partner’s emotional needs. When you have your daily routine and routines, make sure you consider his emotional needs to keep the connection alive. You should also make sure you have the support your partner needs, you have to be ready for him. For instance, If you are on your way to work and he is on his way to a job interview, then it is important to plan accordingly. Ask him questions about it, cheer him up, and make him feel happy for the day. Another instance is when he is out on a business trip. You need to change yourself and remember to track him along with his journey. This way, he will know you love him and always have him in mind. 

Share every great idea and gist you get

There is nothing more beautiful than having your partner share an idea with you. It is easy to lose perspective and forget to appreciate what you have if you don’t do this often.  Let your partner know how well he fits into your life by telling him about your new business proposal or your promotion at work. You can also jokingly gist him about who frustrated you at work or your neighborhood. Doing this may take a lot of time and energy but sharing what is going on with your partner will make it worthwhile.

However, the most important thing in this aspect is that you should not forget to ask him to do the same with you too. This way, you can indirectly have clue about his lifestyle where he is. Does he cheat on you? Or he talks to ladies more often? Does he go to the club? What is his favorite spot? You might be lucky to get these answers through his gist.

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